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Clan Communications

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 Clan Communications Empty Clan Communications

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:33 am

We have several available forms of communication:

- this forum
- clan chat (cc = Labyrinth)
- friends chat (fc = nomos physis [it changes to "Labyrinth" when entered])
- in-game banter
- d2jsp Clan Recruitment topic:
- Runescape Recruitment topic (use sparingly, it is strictly for recruiting purposes): 288-289-898-65164783
- Quick Find Code for our RSOF Clan Discussion topic: 90-91-901-65187315
- ventrilo (SEE NEXT POST!)
- for d2jsp Labyrinth Guild Members, we have a "Runescape" Guild topic. I may update it (name/make it public) at some point.


This ventrilo information is not to be shared outside of the Clan. I pay for the ventrilo, but it is dual-purposed for a d2jsp Guild (same name as us, but unrelated) and this Clan.

If you wish to invite a guest, contact me for approval.

Starting out: download ventrilo client online:
If you have any problems setting it up, let me know.

Once you have the client, you can use the information below to connect to our ventrilo server. You can use text chat or a microphone/speaker or headset to communicate. Once you have joined, you can contact me to set up an account there.
Guest pw until account is set up: $(&^$*^%#*


Please use only the following channels:
Labyrinth Guild
Runescape- Labyrinth Clan (skilling etc)
Runescape - Overseer+ (this is Clan Admin-only, it requires a special password)
Runescape - pvm (used for pvm groups)

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