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Favorite Slayer Set Ups?

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Favorite Slayer Set Ups? Empty Favorite Slayer Set Ups?

Post by Blih on Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:23 pm

Well, I have to get back to slaying if I ever want to see my max cape.. But I'm curious what everyone likes to slay in? What are your favorite slayer set ups for Meleeing, Ranging, and Maging tasks?


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Favorite Slayer Set Ups? Empty Re: Favorite Slayer Set Ups?

Post by KO on Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:44 pm

With an unlimited bank, Seismics with Tectonic armour would be the best option. This is tier 90 weapons with level 90 power armour. This gives the highest possible damage output and with slayer monsters having such low defense, there are very few circumstances where having more than one combat style would be needed - or even beneficial.
Mage is also the only option for constant area of effect attacks. In EoC, everything is multicombat. Taking advantage of that with barrages helps to increase killing speed.

Unfortunately for us, I don't know anyone with an unlimited bank - and only a few who can even afford Seismics. For the most part, Drygores with Torva would be the most logical set up. It is cheap, has level 90 weapons and 80 power armour and is accurate enough to be able to ignore the combat triangle when slaying. Torva has slightly lower damage boost, compared with Malevolent, but it can be repaired and resold later - as opposed to degrading to dust.

I'm uncertain if Virtus wand and book would be a better option than Drygores. The wand and book are limited to level 80 damage, but the area of effect spells might make up for it. Because I am uncertain, I wont recommend it. You could easily test it out though.

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Favorite Slayer Set Ups? Empty Re: Favorite Slayer Set Ups?

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:56 pm

With basically every option available to me, I still go with Drygores and Torva (except for gloves and boots). I can't say it's the most efficient way, but I prefer melee. I now use the upgraded Slayer Helmet with the Saradomin amulet and a circuit.

If I mage I use either Fire Surge (automatons) or I switch to Barrage (ice, nn heal in Slayer).

I bring a Yak & scrolls, ovls, bonecrusher (when desirable), Herbicide, a quick banking teleport and often High Alch runes.

Thing is I generally do "money" tasks at this stage. In the end it's a long skill and while saving time is important, having fun gets you through the whole thing. That's why I stick to what appeals to me, although it's arguably not the best set-up Wink

I can't recall running into problems using drygores.

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Favorite Slayer Set Ups? Empty Re: Favorite Slayer Set Ups?

Post by Pandajedi on Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:07 pm

For most cost effective slaying with a small bank, the GWD power armors are pretty efficient for lower levels because they don't degrade
- Arma
- Subjugation

But i melee for the most part torva and dry gores

As far as setup this isn't too big of an issue for most monsters because of how easily you can heal now...
I bring some extreme strs and some extreme attacks with some pray to soul split back to health in dire situations

For the most part I don't even need s/s tho... I use sacrifice ability all the time, + guthix blessing when i can, and restoration when needed. And for most tasks I don't need food or prayer  Shocked 

Excepts airuts can be more dangerous than they look! So i definitely eat and pray vs. them


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Favorite Slayer Set Ups? Empty Re: Favorite Slayer Set Ups?

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