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Margins - March 2014

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Margins - March 2014

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:16 pm

For now we can use this topic to add margins for flipping. Outside sources are permitted but please credit the sources. CHECK DATES AND TIMES: prices change quickly.

I will edit this post to explain margins from various sources later. I strongly recommend waiting for those edits. Do not undercut margins: either use the margins provided or alter them slightly (-25k/+25k at a time) and if you do that, please post saying what margin worked and how long it took.

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Re: Margins - March 2014

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:32 pm

Example: this is from flipchat1fc and their PCs/margins last about 2 hours on average. This was posted today at 1:06 PM EST. Probably still usable, but I am ONLY POSTING THIS AS A TEACHING TOOL. Below I will explain what everything means.

Bh 3550*-3725*
Bcp 6675*-6900*
Tass 4300*-4550*
Bg 2725*-2925*
Bb 1325*-1425*
Bws 100*-125*

Ah 3675*-3875*
Acp 9050*-9200*
Acs 9050*-9275*
Ag 4450*-4600
Ab 5900*-5975
Acb 6900*-7125
Buck 150-200

Sh 1500-1750
Garb 9700*-9975
Gown 9150*-9350
Sg 2500-2675
Sb 1450-1650
Ward 200-250

Th 2900*-3025*
Tb 8700-8950
Tl 6150-6475

Dlh 2050*-2200
Dlt 5850-6000
Dll 6075-6200

Ssh 2150-2325
Ssrt 5000-5125
Ssrb 4150-4250

Hiss 325-550
Murm 1025-1150
Whisp 2650*-2800*
Spec 3675*-3900

* = updated

Bh means Bandos Helm, and the other short-forms should make sense. If not, ask here. In some cases you will see margins presented very differently.

For Bh, we find 3550-3725. That means that you can get the item at 3,550,000 GP and sell it for 3,725,000 GP.It will likel take 10-45 minutes. If you want to lose profit and save a little money, try picking it up for +25k and selling it for -25k. Don't change it more for a few reasons:

- not worth it, plenty of items to flip
- if the margin is getting smaller, it only accelerates the process; this hurts everyone, including you for future flips

Some margins on different sites will present things differently. You could see any of the following:

The difference between the last two is based on whether the margin is telling you you are buying it at a certain price or people are buying it at a certain price. More often, it is telling you that buying is people buying it, not you.
3550 >
3550 <
These last two are approximations. Generally they are not to stable
Same thing in the last two? NOPE! Sometimes * means something just got updated, but sometimes it means something needs to be updated. BIG DIFFERENCE.

The point is that you should carefully check the guides where the margins come from or ask questions here about the margins you see. Above, the person who gave the margins was helpful enough to say that the * means they were just updated.

One more thing: be very careful which items you flip. Flipchat1 is new to the ports gear. It is not stable. They recent had the subjugation garb margin wrong (as Matt put it, not the fault of the person who posts as that person is getting information from an active fc and it is not always accurate or updated). So again, use caution. Bandos tassets dropped a lot lately if I'm not mistaken. So if I was flipping it I likely would not attempt to go +25k in getting it. Bandos helm has been flipping quickly lately, and so for a different reason I'd do the same thing. I'd leave the buy price as-is and only raise it if I could not get one after at least 20 minutes. nn to lose the margin.

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Re: Margins - March 2014

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:33 pm

If you do not know what these mean, ask!,18,287,65269098,goto,119

21-Mar-2014 20:14:16

pcing atm

T: <31/56-7/47-8
P: 13+/27~/23+
V: 15-6/19+/19+

Zwb: 84-5/93-4/35~
Ss: 3-4/<15/29-0/40-1

B: 12~/12-3/15+
G: 14~/<16/17-8,18,225,65320361,goto,50

21-Mar-2014 19:04:44

83b/89b/80b – 50b/54b/34s drygore
202s/202s asc
1283b/284s seis

Lists I ran for ~30 mins (total of 7h30).

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Re: Margins - March 2014

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:34 pm

This one is EST (highlight to read the C/P):

Subject: Re: margins 21-3-2014   Today at 11:20 am   

Okay, final edit 15 minutes after this was posted.

Last forum post was 12 hours old, so hopefully I helped even though I did not pc.

Im not going to count this towards my total time pc'd.

* = updated

Bh: 3575*-3750*
Bcp: 6650*-6900*
Tass: 4325*-4550*
Bg: 2750 *-2950*
Bb: 1300*-1425*
Bws: 75-150

Ah: 3725*-3875
Acp: 9050*-9200*
Acs: 9025-9275
Ag: 4475*-4550
Ab: 5825*-6025
Acb: 6900*-7075*
Buck: 125-200

Sh: 1500*-1675*
Garb: 9700*-9875*
Gown: 8900-9200
Sg: 2425*-2575*
Sb: 1525*-1650
Ward: 200-250

Tth: 2825*-3000
Ttb: 8725-8925
Ttl: 6225-6475

Death Lotus: 
Dlh: 2025-2175
Dlcp: 5875-6000
Dlc: 6075-6200

Sea Singer:
Ssh: 2075-2175
Sst: 5025-5125
Ssb: 3775-3950

Hiss: 400-500 
Murmur: 975-1150
Whisper: 2550-2800
Sss: 3300-3600

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Re: Margins - March 2014

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