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Is anyone interested?

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Is anyone interested?

Post by Gopher10 on Tue May 06, 2014 2:36 am

Is anyone interested in some more detailed information about what I am flipping/how I find my items? I pmd Joel this message today explaining some of the basics but nothing in detail. If people want some more detailed stuff then I will write something up, but I am not going to write it if nobody wants to know. Here is the pm with some basic details I sent him:

User all of these as guides and not exact. Items change fast so you will end up losing sometimes, but hopefully you profit more than you lose Razz
What I do is I use these for a guide and then find out what they are actually buying/selling for. If they say 30-31m I usually buy at 29.5, if I dont get it, raise the buy by 200k or so until it buys. Same with the sell prices. If they say 31m sell it higher and drop it every 20 minutes or so until it sells. After you flip one yourself remember the margin and then start flipping the same items again with your own knowledge.

Usually what I do is I find an item that has a good margin(trial and error) and flip that continually until I am not making good money on it anymore. If the item drops 300k, then I buy for 300k less than my original buy, and sell for 300k less(i.e keep the same margin). I have been fairly successful doing this.

Here are some resources I use.,18,287,65269098 Good resource for nex items.,18,244,65360505 Drygores/seismics/ascensions. Careful with these, they are going crazy right now. I am not flipping these right now but flipped them for quite a while before. Matt uses this a ton, i don't. This does all the gwd sets and some stuff like tetsu, etc. These items dont have good enough margins for me but Matt uses these a lot. I use this site just to see what others are flipping. Don't copy their stuff though as they might not upload their flips for a few days(so you cant steal their flips). There is some amazing flips in there and when I am trying to find new items I go check and see what other people are trying. Found some great items from here.

Hopefully this helps a bit. Again don't use these numbers as exact, but as a guide. The biggest thing with flipping is patience. Don't panic if something doesnt sell, or you will lose everything very fast.


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Re: Is anyone interested?

Post by Beacon on Tue May 06, 2014 10:55 am

I would definitely be interested. My flipping knowledge is pretty poor to be quite honest, hence why I stick with flipchat1; it is a noob friendly flipping resource. I mean I can make 2m - 3m per day but eventually that profit doesn't feel like a lot when you need 90m for 1 skill goal... Still have no idea how you find those margins. You've explained it to me so much and I just don't get it lol.

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