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Recruiters & Recruits Wanted! Empty Recruiters & Recruits Wanted!

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 16, 2014 12:30 pm

This is just a more or less permanent request for people to recruit new members. Please see this forum for our information on recruiting. It's very simple, and you can recruit using any of these means:

- in-game recruiting (often placing the Clan vexillum in a well-used spot [Grand Exchange or skill training area] and asking people to join works)
- RSOF recruiting (see our links in this forum)
- d2jsp recruiting (see our link in this forum)
- other (anything works)

Please tell your recruits about the following:

- our clan events (FNB, SND, SMG, WSC & KO's challenges)
- our requirement to cap
- that we have a clan forum (once they join. provide them with our info)


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