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Money-making - Guides can go here :)

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Money-making - Guides can go here :) Empty Money-making - Guides can go here :)

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:18 pm

Money-making is desirable on RS, so I wanted to get a topic started on the subject. In my opinion, at this time in the game's history, anything that is under 500k/h is probably not worth doing for money-making purposes if you have high levels.

There are over 60 ways to make over 1m/h in this guide:
God Wars, Barrows, Kalphite King and Vorago can all be extremely profitable, but they are generally grouped. Some God Wars bosses can be soloed without a lot of expertise.

Please post here with GP-earning ideas and guides.

My own submission is simple. Airuts are good but their gp/h rates are dropping/crashing. Best melee gear, consider a tanking shield, crush seems to work well. If you do it right you won't take damage and you can camp for at least an hour. Profits have been mixed, but anything from 1-2m - 5-10m/h is possible.

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