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Game Updates Empty Game Updates

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:26 pm

We can use this topic to alert the clan to game updates as they become available Smile

Here's the QFC for Patch Notes: Quick find code: 14-15-545-65115644

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Game Updates Empty Re: Game Updates

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:23 pm

07 January 2014 Game Updates
Player-Owned Ports - The Next Journey

Cast your eyes east for the first update of the new year - more of the enigmatic Wushanko Islands are yours to explore via your Player-Owned Port!

Set sail for the new Loop and Shield regions and claim hull-busting hauls of booty. Meet three new adventurers - the Trapper, the Architect and the Chef - and help them succeed in their eastern endeavours. Collect new forgotten scrolls containing recipes for a level 85 cape, ring and thrown weapons and craft them using your hard-won loot.

If you're a seasoned sea-dog already, read on! Alternatively, if you've never set foot in a Player-Owned Port before, click here to find out what it's all about.

Ship Shape

Experienced Portmasters will find plenty of adventures in the Loop and Shield regions of the Wushanko Isles - over 300 new voyages in total. On these voyages, you'll be able to pick up new resources - azure and terracotta - to further augment your ships.

There are also new trade goods - pearls and koi scales - to put together the amazing new high-level gear. You'll find these in the Hook region and beyond.

There are also three fully-voiced adventurers to attract to the port:

The Architect: a serene, well-spoken lady who's looking to complement her earthquake-proofing methods with western building techniques. She can visit your port as soon as you hit level 90 in Construction, and you can build the ornate arch port improvement to make this more likely.
The Chef: an errant gastronome with a penchant for experimental - and potentially toxic - seasoning. Hit 90 Cooking for a chance to bring him on board, and add the cooking pot improvement to up the likelihood.
The Trapper: this mightily moustachioed big-game hunter loves tracking wild beasts - almost as much he loves polishing Ol' Bessie: his beloved cannon. He can show up at your port as soon as you hit level 90 Hunter, with an increased chance if you've built the trap improvement.
Ports Batch 2
Each member of this disparate trio can embark on their own voyages to the Eastern Lands on your ships, and can even team up for an adventure if they're all in port at once.

The somewhat shady-looking Trader who's set up residence in your port will exchange port resources for trade goods - at a rate favourable to himself, of course. He'll have a daily special offer for you, too - be sure to visit him regularly to take advantage of this!

Ports 2 Trader
Finally, you may see an all-new random event, where you'll help Seasinger Umi to locate some lost items, in exchange for a helping of port resources.

Accoutrements of the East

Voyaging in the Hook region and beyond can now yield pearls and koi scales, whose main purpose is to craft some awe-inspiring new gear:

Reefwalker's cape: a level 85 cape (Defence and Constitution levels required) for all combat styles. It comes in two varieties: the standard version, which degrades until it's destroyed, but is tradeable; and the superior version, whose reparability and improved stats are matched by its increased cost and untradeability. For armour and life point bonuses in particular, the superior reefwalker's cape is best-in-slot.

Make these capes with level 90 Crafting and copious quantities of koi scales.
Leviathan ring: a mighty level 85 ring (again, Defence and Constitution) offering a 2 or 5% chance (dependent on version) to halve the damage of attacks made against its wearer, plus hearty critical-chance boosts for all styles of combat. As with the reefwalker's cape, the standard version of the ring degrades until it's destroyed, and is tradeable; while the superior version has better stats and can be repaired when fully degraded, but costs more to craft and maintain and is untradeable.

Make these rings with level 90 Crafting - bring plenty of pearls!
Death Lotus darts: these level 85 thrown weapons round out the ranged roster nicely.

Make them with 92 Fletching, ancient bones and ascension shards.
These new pieces of equipment are universally useful additions to any high-level warrior's arsenal.

Shoring Up

With today's update, there are many great reasons to get back into the Portmaster's life. But what if you've yet to find your sea legs?

For those of you still languishing in land-lubberdom, Player-Owned Ports is a high-level minigame where you'll manage your own harbour: recruiting crew members and outfitting ships which you'll send on voyages to the fabled Eastern Lands.

Your ships will adventure in real time, before bringing back tales of their exploits and - all being well - a cargo hold full of exotic treasures. This loot can be used to improve your ships; attract new sailors or fully-voiced adventurers to crew your vessels; or to craft some of the best food and armour in the game. As the voyages happen in their own time, managing your port's a great way to earn rewards while you're logged out, or while you're off adventuring elsewhere.

You'll need level 90 in at least one of nine skills to start managing your port. If you don't meet these requirements just yet, you can get a taste of the Harbourmaster's life by heading through the portal at the north end of Port Sarim and talking to Meg: a novice swashbuckler who needs adventuring advice if she's to survive another day!

For full details of Player-Owned Ports, visit the wiki.

Set Sail!

The bounty of the Wushanko Isles is rich indeed, and it's there for the taking by your brave seafarers. Weigh anchor!

The RuneScape Team

How to start Player-Owned Ports:

Visit the Ports Portal at the north end of Port Sarim.


You must be a RuneScape member.

You need level 90 in at least one of the following skills:

To access the three new adventurers, you will need level 90 in Construction, Cooking and Hunter respectively.

In Other News

From Friday, we're running a promotion during which all XP lamps on the Squeal of Fortune will be replaced with fallen stars. These give slightly more XP than the lamps would have, but as Bonus XP that's given out as you train, rather than a lump sum as before. Keep an eye on the news for more details!
Head on over to Solomon's Store for some awe-inspiring Bandos and Armadyl-themed treats: armour overrides styled after the Bandosian and Armadylean golems, and some grand god-themed teleport animations.
It's now possible to repair Player-Owned Ports gear with surplus trade goods. To do this, use the damaged or broken item on your port's crafting table or anvil - whichever was used to make the item originally.
For the immediate future, the Black Marketeer and Trader will not offer azure or terracotta.
The Christmas festivities around Gielinor have been tidied away for another year.
The following changes have been made to Nex:
Players can now start up their own private, instanced Nex fights, in a similar way to other GWD bosses.
Nex will now enter a Deflect Magic stance instead of Deflect Ranged on every other fight.
Nex's wings will now recolour to green while deflecting ranged, blue when deflecting magic, and red-orange when deflecting melee.
The Virtus wand and book now degrade the same way as similar tiered items.
The royal crossbow no longer recharges by the Forging Fire attack, but can now be recharged by 25% by using a royal crossbow component on the crossbow.
Take a look at the patch notes for other updates released today.

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Game Updates Empty Re: Game Updates

Post by KO on Thu Jan 09, 2014 8:37 pm

R.I.P. Virtus Wand and Book.

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Game Updates Empty Re: Game Updates

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 13, 2014 2:06 pm

Power to the Players - New Poll System

Members only

The Power to the Players poll system is here!

From today, the future of RuneScape is in your hands. Through frequent polls - voted on in-game through the Community interface - you'll set the course for RuneScape's content updates. You'll vote on the order of our most anticipated releases; set the tone for our holiday events; decide which monsters are in need of a drop table rework, and much more.

From now on, almost everything headed for the game goes through you first. With your input into every major update we release, we'll make RuneScape the game that you want to play.

Read on for more details on Power to the Players, or log in and vote now!

You Decide

You can access the new poll system in the game itself. Open the Community (previously Social) interface, and you'll find the polls under the 'Vote Now!' tab.

Note that the quick polls displayed on the RuneScape homepage itself are not part of the Power to the Players system. We'll be adding a way to vote in the new polls to the RuneScape homepage soon.

Polls are divided into three types:
•Dragonstone polls are where you'll decide the direction of the game - voting on topics that define what RuneScape is. You'll see our biggest blockbuster updates polled in the Dragonstone category - as seen in this month's Invention vs Elf City poll - as well as core mechanical changes, and other game-changing updates. There'll be just one Dragonstone poll each month, usually running for its entire duration.
•Diamond polls cover major updates, or changes to key game features. You'll see two Diamond polls each month, running for up to a fortnight each.
•Ruby polls get down to the nitty-gritty. They'll tend to be about specific aspects of upcoming updates, or content that caters to a specific group of players. You'll get three or four Ruby polls each month, each running for around a week.

There are three polls up and running already, which will stay open during the listed date ranges:

Dragonstone: Invention Skill vs the Elf City (13th January - 31st January)

In this month's big poll, you'll decide which of two hotly anticipated updates we create first: the Invention skill, or the Elf City.

Diamond: Drop Table Improvement (13th January - 20th January)

Decide which type of enemy you'd like to be less miserly with their drops, out of beasts, demons, elementals and ghosts. Alternatively, you can say they're all fine as they are.

Ruby: Decide on Maps for a New Minigame (13th January - 20th January)

We've got a doozy of a new minigame coming up soon, featuring instanced maps that are themed around iconic RuneScape regions. We've decided on several themes already, but here's your chance to pick one more: Ashdale, Canifis, Isafdar, the Wilderness, Zanaris, or none of these suggestions.

The following polls are coming later this month:

Diamond: Decide on a Spring Holiday Event (20th - 31st January)

Do you like your springtime celebrations traditional - an Easter-based theme, complete with bunnies and chocolate eggs aplenty - or would you prefer something different: an ape-vs-vegetable clash between Marimbo and Brassica Prime?

Ruby: Which New Dragon Would You Like? (20th to 27th January)

Choose which type of draconic foe you'd most like to tangle with: alchemical, celestial, gemstone, gold, or none of these.

Ruby: Should We Reduce the Number of Worlds? (27th to 31st January)

Reducing the number of game worlds would make those that remain livelier, with more players around to trade, talk and adventure with. Would you like us to do this, or would you prefer to keep the number of worlds as they are?

Cast Your Votes

Updates agreed on in these polls are guaranteed to happen, so choose carefully. However, you can change your vote up until the poll closes (10am GMT on the stated closing date), so you'll have time to think about your decision.

The first three polls are open right now, so get voting now! Be sure to visit our dedicated Power to the Players forum to give us your feedback, as well as your ideas for future polls.

RuneScape's your game - help us make it the game that you want it to be!

The RuneScape Team

How to use the Power to the Players poll system:

Open the Community interface and select the 'Vote Now!' tab.


You must be a RuneScape member.

Play Now!

In Other News
•Tonight - 5pm GMT on the 13th of January - the Community Team will be running a Q&A session on the new poll system. Head over to the Power to the Players forum from then to ask your questions.
•Hati and Sköll will be menacing the Fremennik Province from the 16th of January.
•World map icons are now divided into categories, and can be hidden or displayed as needed.
•Zooming into or out of the world map using the mouse wheel now focuses the zoom on the mouse pointer.


•The Remove Roof setting now removes the furniture in Player-Owned Ports.

•The thrown-weapon model for death-touched darts has been corrected.

•The eye patch is now a snugger fit around the player's face.

•Some textures used on the Barbarian Assault walls have been fixed.

•The Mexican Wave and Sportsman emotes now stop when players attempt to perform another action.

•The royal crossbow no longer alters the shoulder position when equipped.

•Elf-style wigs no longer cause female characters' mouths to display incorrectly.

•Fixed the run animation when wielding the santa sack and water balloon.

•Reduced the model size of Solomon.

•Zilyana's Hard-Mode death animation is now much smoother.

•Some small graphical issues occurring during certain Birthright of the Dwarves cutscenes have been fixed.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

•Ardrigal mixture now correctly uses the Make X interface.

•A misleading message regarding farming at a patch other than north of Port Sarim has been removed.

•Dash symbols now appear correctly in the dialogue with Ysondria at the Nexus.

•You will now be warned about losing Daily Challenge progress when leaving Stealing Creation.

•Players are now warned before leaving the Runecrafting Guild via the portal if they are on a Great Orb Project team.

•In the Player-Owned Ports random event Last Orders, the patrons' voice acting can no longer be heard when the option is turned off in audio settings.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

•A small camera issue during the World Wakes quest has been corrected.

•The camera view during certain sections of the Kennith's Concerns quest has been corrected.

•The Festive Challenge display on the Challenges interface has now been removed.

•The Lumbridge/Draynor achievement 'Steel Yourself For Combat' now displays the correct hint.

•A message box from Boric in Whats Mine Is Yours that was appearing before it should has been fixed.

•Elder shortbows and elder shieldbows will now be accepted correctly by Princess Astrid during Throne of Miscellania.


•A shortcut has been added from the Wilderness to the firemaking beacon near Ice Mountain.

•XP missions from a Player-Owned Port no longer displays incorrect reward information.

•Summoning scrolls stored in re-coloured and enchanted Slayer helms now automatically trigger familiars' special moves.

•A section of map used in the Rise of the Six to ensure players have a means to escape when the world is collapsing has been tweaked.

•Throwing axes are now overridden by throwing knives and darts in the customisation interface.
It is no longer possible to use the spam cabbage teleport to prevent PvP attacks from landing.

•Dragon faction tokens can now be reclaimed from the faction recruiter on free worlds.
The voice acting now matches the dialogue when asking the Armadylean head warmage about the orders.

•The first action for rock hammers placed on an action bar is now 'Use' rather than 'Drop'.

•The 'Empty' option on a gem bag in a bank now works correctly.

•Recolouring elite Void Knight equipment while some is in a Dragon Keepsake Box now works correctly.

•The dragon pickaxe will now be used over the inferno adze, if you have the requirement to use it.

•Werewolves no longer spawn in blocked areas in Canifis.

•Leaving dungeoneering no longer causes the camera to move to an incorrect position.

•Using the grapple shortcut at Catherby no longer triggers the Friends panel to open.

•The memory conversion keybinds on the Divination interface now work while divining in Daemonheim.

•Inconsistencies with the level requirements and stats of Dagon'hai and necromancer robes have been ironed out.

•An issue where the text entry for gourmets would not display when entering a selling price for food has been fixed.

•Fixed an issue causing ambient music to not play correctly in the Monastery of Ascension.

•The description of Bonds on the Grand Exchange now fits correctly on the interface.

•An issue where the tool belt would display as null in certain situations has been fixed.

•The 'examine' option for tin ore in Ashdale has been corrected.

•Tweaked capitalisation in 'Perfect gold bar'.

•Opening the Wardrobe interface and using Home Teleport will no longer interfere with the Home
•Teleport animation.

•Signs of the porter now teleport snake hides to the bank when skinning swamp snakes during
•Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble.

•The stated Attack level for Excalibur has been amended in the skill guide.

•Fixed a typo in the San'tar spawnling's dialogue.

•Players who purchase the 'Athlete' title from Solomon's General Store will now be able to activate it.

Ninja Fixes:

•Lowered the repair cost of the Virtus book to be more in-line with similar off-hand items.

•It is now clearer that you can exchange Tuska masks at Slayer masters for Slayer points.

•An issue where Fragmentation Shot would do incorrect amounts of damage in PvM situations has been fixed.

Ashdale/Path System Changes:

•Some fishy props have been added around the fishing spots in Ashdale.

•Some graphically stretching textures in certain sections of grass in Ashdale have been fixed.

•All villagers in Ashdale are now using the correct idle set of animations.

•The wood texture used on a crane in Ashdale has been fixed.

•Some erroneous shadows on the bridge approaching the church in Ashdale have been removed.

•The pillars inside the Ashdale church now touch the ceilings.

•Wood texture colours are now consistent across Ashdale.

•Some new ivy models have been added around Ashdale.

•Various tweaks have been made to the environment and bloom settings used in Ashdale.

•A broken texture used on a quarry ship in Ashdale has been fixed.

•Various tweaks have been made to animations used during the Blood Pact quest.

•The church altar in Ashdale no longer appears as solid white when bloom is enabled.

•Some errant polygons in a wall near Magda's house have been fixed.

•A cart in Ashdale no longer floats.

•Players can no longer stand inside a pillar of a bridge in Ashdale.

•The forge roof in Ashdale has been lowered to ensure it doesn't float.

•Fixed a small hole in a cliff in Ashdale.

•Another layer of flooring has been added to a building in Ashdale, to stop the building floating.

•The rusty sword has been moved closer to the player's body when sheathed.

•A floating fishing spot in Ashdale has been removed.

•Some scenery has been added, stopping players from walking behind a building in Ashdale.

•A rock that had a green version of a rock texture on it has been fixed.

•Some models have been extended to appear underwater near the docks in Ashdale to prevent the area looking like it's floating.

•A crate has been moved, so it doesn't appear inside a wall in Ashdale.

•Some variations of window and hanging flower baskets have been added to the buildings in Ashdale.

•The camera angle used when the camera pans to the fshing spots has been tweaked.

•he dock area in Ashdale has been updated, allowing players to walk among the boats.

•A reminder to where the quest journal interface is has been added, to be displayed if a player is currently mid-quest on the Path System.

•Gudrik no longer runs off out of the player's view when leaving the church area in Ashdale.

•Gudrik now automatically speaks to the player when they first arrive in Taverley.

•A chat tutorial notification is now shown when a player attempts to use the chat system for the first time.

•A small tutorial on how the skills interface works has been added, played after completing the Blood Pact quest while on the Path System.

•A reminder on how to move the camera has been added, played during the Blood Pact quest while on the Path System.

•The "following Khnum" section of Stolen Hearts has been tweaked, making it easier for players to follow him.

•The farming notification - previously played when players approached a farming patch with the Path System enabled - has been removed.

•Some tweaks have been made to the Stolen Hearts quest journal to better remind returning players where they are and what they're doing.

•The door to the Skullery building used in Stolen Hearts has been removed.

•The trap door in Varrock's church used during Demon Slayer has been moved, making it easier to find.

•A cutscene in Stolen Hearts has been changed, so it isn't necessary to click twice to begin a fight section.

•A world map introduction has been added during Stolen Hearts, to point the player towards the location of a Crafting store while on the Path System.

•A tutorial about minimap highlighting has been added to the start of Stolen Hearts, while on the Path System.

•A tutorial about the Reset Camera button has been added to the start of Stolen Hearts, while on the Path System.

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Post by Admin on Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:42 pm

21 January 2014 Game Updates mod_william
Slayer Helmet and Social Slayer Update

Members only

The Slayer Rewards Store is now accessible to all slayers and is packed with new rewards: stat boosts and new teleportation options for the full slayer helmet; ways for social slayers to share teleports and protective gear; and a new pet!

These are just some of the upgrades we've introduced today, based on your feedback. Read on for full details, or jump into game and play now!
Slayer Rewards Store

First up, you no longer need to have completed Smoking Kills to earn slayer points or access the Slayer Rewards Store. Every slayer now has access to the useful items and assignment management options available there, purchasable with points earned with each assignment completed. If you've not taken a look before, right-click on any slayer master and click 'rewards' to do so.

Smoking Kills is still required for some of the store's best rewards, though. You must still complete it before you can unlock the ability to make or upgrade slayer helmets. Also, until you complete the quest, you will only receive half the full amount of slayer points per assignment.

Note that all rewards listed in this post are unlocked via the Slayer Rewards Store.
Slayer Helmet

The full slayer helmet is essential kit for all serious slayers, combining much of the specialist equipment needed to combat Gielinor's nastiest beasts with a damage and accuracy boost to your current mark. Today, it receives a well-deserved upgrade.

Firstly, its base stats have been increased slightly. It now has armour and life points equivalent to an all-style level 10 item. Its 12.5% damage and accuracy boost against your currently assigned target remains.

There are also three new options to upgrade it, unlockable through the Slayer Rewards Store. Each upgrade tier boosts the helmet's stats, bringing it in line with level 30, 50 and 70 gear, as well as boosting its damage and accuracy bonus each time - up to a total of 14% at the highest tier. The number of summoning scrolls that an enchanted slayer can hold also increases with each tier - up to 500 scrolls at the highest.

Note that each tier must be unlocked consecutively, and has a Defence level requirement appropriate to its stats.

Those of you with level 60 Crafting can also unlock the ability to fuse rings of slaying and ferocious rings to a full slayer helmet or its upgraded versions, granting the rings' teleportation abilities to the helmet. Once you've fused a ring to a full slayer helmet, you can add more rings to replenish the charges - up to 40 from rings of slaying and 30 from ferocious rings.

Last, but not least, full and upgraded slayer helmets now enjoy the same functions as the enchanted gem given out by slayer masters, so it's more convenient to check your kills and contact your slayer master on the fly.
Social Slayer

There are some new rewards for social slayers too. Pairing up with a buddy on a slayer trip to earn some co-op points is more beneficial and rewarding than ever. Take a look at the Social Slayer tab in the Slayer Rewards Store for ways to spend your points.

You can unlock the ability to share teleports from the ring of slaying and ferocious ring (and from fused slayer helmets, of course) with your partner. Use one of these teleports while you're in a social slayer group and your partner will be prompted with the option to follow you.

There's also the ability to share the benefits of protective slayer gear, meaning only one of you has to carry this essential kit. Note that your partner must meet any skill requirements of the equipment before they can benefit from it.

You can also use your co-op points on recharges of rings of slaying, ferocious rings or fused slayer helmets. This is a great way to use up any spare points.

Finally, there's a super-cute new ganodermic runt pet to unlock, as well as new skins for Freezy the strykewyrm.
Go Forth and Slay!

We hope that today's updates make the Slayer skill more accessible, and even more fun to train. Many of these suggestions came from the forums and - as always - we need your feedback to keep improving the game. Any ideas? Let us know in the Suggestions forum.

Mod Ana and the RuneScape Team

How to Start:
If you haven't trained Slayer before, speak to Turael in Taverley for the basics.
Access the Slayer Rewards Store by right-clicking any slayer master and selecting 'rewards'.
Invite a friend to a social slayer group by using a ring of slaying or an enchanted gem on them, or by right-clicking on a ring of slaying, enchanted gem or fused slayer helmet.

You must be a RuneScape member.
Smoking Kills is required to create or upgrade slayer helmets.
55 Crafting is required to create or upgrade slayer helmets.
60 Crafting is required to fuse rings to slayer helmets.
In Other News
The Bird and the Beast world event has ended, with the forces of Armadyl victorious! Claim your remaining rewards from the faction quartermasters, and speak to Goutbones at Bandos's tower to replay the event's cutscenes. If you've missed the armour, it can be obtained as rare drops from minions of Armadyl and Bandos in the God Wars Dungeon, and the combat abilities can be claimed as rare drops from Kree'arra and General Graardor.
The Snapshot ability has had its damage updated. The first shot will deal 100-120% weapon damage (up from 33%-100%) and the second shot will deal 100-210% weapon damage (up from 33%-100%).
Snipe will now fire after 1.8 seconds (reduced from 3 seconds)and has had its damage adjusted to be lower but more reliable. It now deals 125%-166% weapon damage (previously 100%-210%).
Using a player-owned house armour stand to repair broken drygore gear now reduces the cost by up to 50%, depending on your Smithing level.
Pick up some retro Nex gear overrides in Solomon's Store today!

Take a look at the patch notes for other updates released today.

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Game Updates Empty Re: Game Updates

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:15 pm

27 January 2014 Game Updates mod_william
Holy Moley - Giant Mole Update

Members only

The Giant Mole's been besieging begonias since 2006, and it's high time she got an overhaul!

We've applied the full power of Malignius Mortifer's magic to bring her up to date with modern boss mechanics, two difficulty modes and a more accessible, instanced lair for solo or group runs.

Her drops include some grand new rewards: a clingy mole who can improve your anti-dragon shield, potions that'll speed up growth in your tree patches, and more.

There's no better or more rewarding way for mid-level combat fans to get into boss fighting. Read on for further details, or play now!
Meet the Mole

The Giant Mole's one of RuneScape's most venerable boss monsters. The result of an accident featuring a slightly suspicious plant-growth potion, the mole lives under Falador Park, terrorising gardener Wyson.

The first change you'll notice is an altogether more obvious entrance to the mole's lair. There's no longer any need to dig through molehills to enter, or to bring a light source - the mole's old light-extinguishing mechanics are gone.

The lair is now instanced, so when you click on the entrance you'll be prompted to choose how to do so:
Start a new session: This allows you to create a new instance in which to fight the Giant Mole at normal difficulty. You can set the maximum number of people allowed, a minimum combat level allowed, and a numeric entry key to ensure privacy for you and your friends.
Start a new session (hard mode): This creates a new instance where you can fight a more difficult version of the Giant Mole. You can also adjust the instance's entry settings, as described above.
Join an existing fight: This allows you to join an existing instance in progress on your world. Simply enter the name of the player who created the instance, and - if necessary - the entry key.
Rejoin my previous battle: This allows you to rejoin an ongoing instance which you left, be it voluntarily, through logging out or through dying. Note that an instance will collapse when the last player remaining in it leaves.

While there are no entry requirements, the normal mode fight is balanced for a solo player of around combat level 110. Hard mode is aimed at a solo player of combat level 140, or a group of three players at combat level 110.

The mole's been updated to use the sort of attacks you'd see in higher-levelled boss fights. The fight progresses in difficulty over three phases, where she'll drop rocks from the ceiling, summon mole minions to aid her, burrow underground to attack from below, and burst into a damage-boosting rage. You'll need to be on your toes to prevail, ready to react to whatever the mole throws your way.

The fight's a fantastic way for mid-level players to get a taste of the high-end game. During normal mode, you'll see some handy tips at the top of the screen, which will help you counter the mole's attacks and survive the encounter. Then, once you've mastered the normal fight, gather some friends and tackle hard mode!

The Giant Mole's possible drops include a new clingy mole: a cute critter who's oddly attracted to the surface of the anti-dragon shield.

With 45 Crafting, use him on the shield and he'll grip tightly onto its front, boosting its stats to those of a level 55 hybrid shield. The mole also gives the shield a chance to reduce up to 150 dragonfire or Giant Mole hits by 75%, but to deal that damage gradually as a damage-over-time effect.

After those 150 hits, the mole will drop off and skulk away, and the shield will revert to its original form and stats.

Also new are numbing roots. These handy consumables remove any damage-over-time effects that can be cleared by the Freedom ability - including the DoT from the shield!

Exclusive to hard mode are vials of ultra-growth potion. Yes, Malignius Mortifer's more snappily named prototype is yours to use - each dose will skip a healthy tree farming patch ahead by two stages of growth! Please note that this potion is untradeable.

As before, the mole will always drop mole skin, a mole claw and a mole nose which can be given to Wyson in exchange for valuable bird nests and - with an appropriately upgraded Falador shield - lily seeds. Falador gardeners will now exchange up to 50 lily seeds a day for 100 Farming XP each, if you've completed the Falador Elite Task Set.

We hope you enjoy the updated Giant Mole. As always, discuss this and give your feedback over on the forums!

Mod Deg and the RuneScape Team

How to fight the Giant Mole:

Enter the mole hole in Falador Park. Speak to Wyson if you're looking for advice.

You must be a RuneScape member.
Combat level 110 is recommended for normal mode.
Combat level 140, or a group of three with level 110, is recommended for hard mode.
In Other News
We've made some improvements to the Falador Shield 4:
It now has the same damage-reduction ability that the anti-dragon shield (mole) does, with the added advantage that it doesn't degrade.
When wielded, the shield gives +5% XP and respect in the Artisans' Workshop.
The confirmation message previously displayed when using the shield's prayer restoration ability has been removed.
It is no longer possible to use the shield to find the Giant Mole. There are visual cues to replace this function during the fight.
We've added to the auras available on Solomon's Store:
Added the Enrichment aura for the Divination skill, which comes in five tiers, giving up to a 15% additional chance to harvest enriched memories.
Added tier 5 versions of the Call of the Sea, Lumberjack, Five-Finger Discount, Quarrymaster, Tracker and Greenfingers auras, each giving a 15% boost to their respective skill actions.
Added two new tiers for the Jack of Trades aura. Tier 2 requires 15 skills within 3 hours, giving 1.5x the XP that the tier 1 aura does, and tier 3 requires 20 skills for 2x the XP given by tier 1.
The Oddball aura has become a toggle, and its graphical effect has been made persistent.
In light of your feedback, we have made some changes to the Recruit a Friend system:
The free membership for recruiters has been reduced to 7 days, and the XP bonus for the recruiter has been reduced to 5% of the recruit's XP, or 10% in close proximity.
Both recruiter and recruit get an additional +10% XP for 7 days, as per the earlier version of the system.
These changes make the system more immediately useful, but less open to exploitation.

Take a look at the patch notes for other updates released today.

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04 February 2014 Game Updates
Demon Drop Table Improvements

Free players and members

Demons came out on top in our recent Diamond poll on drop table improvements. Today, those improvements are released, so everything from imps to tormented demons will - overall - drop better, more valuable loot. While some potential drops remain the same (imps are still fond of cabbage, for example), you'll find fighting demons to be much more rewarding than before.

This includes two new weapons: the abyssal wand and the abyssal orb. These baleful beauties are made for dual-wielding mages of level 75 and up . They're non-degrading, and can be used to cast the Slayer Dart spell. Each weapon also has a one-in-eight chance to reduce the rune cost of any spell it casts to zero, much like the staff of light.

The new weapons can be obtained as drops from abyssal demons, but only while on a slayer assignment to kill them. Note that a Slayer Tower contract from Markus does not give you the chance to obtain the drops.

Drive back the fell hordes - and enjoy more shiny loot while you're at it!

The RuneScape Team

Take a look at the Treasure Hunter news post and the patch notes for other updates released today.

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17 February 2014 Game Updates
Heist - New Minigame

Members only

Heist is here - a multiplayer minigame where robbers must make away with loot, while guards do their best to consign them to the slammer.

Don disguises to get your hands on the swag, or follow your hunches to unmask sneaky crooks. Make your escape or pursuit across procedurally generated environments themed after iconic RuneScape locations.

Rewards include a range of perks, helping you lay down the law or pull off more daring capers, as well as bonus XP in Hunter and Thieving.

Read on for more information, or log in and head north of Falador to jump straight in!

Heist Heist
Casing the Joint

Climb up the airship ladder just north of Falador. You'll be given the option to join a public game, start up a private game, or to join a private game already in effect. To join a private game you'll need the name of the player hosting it, and - if applicable - the entry key they've set for it.

Once you're in the lobby area, head north to queue as a guard and south to queue as robber. Here, you can chat to Sir Vyvin or Liara - the leaders of the two sides - to get more information, browse rewards or try out the tutorial. The game will begin when there are 2-5 players on each side.

Before the game starts, players will be able to vote on which map theme they'd prefer - including the Canifis option selected in our recent poll!

Breaking In

Heist takes place on maps populated by crowds of NPCs. The aim of the game for the robbers is to steal bags of loot from the bank and return it to their start point, while the guards' objective is to stop them.

Robbers can click on any NPC on the map to adopt their appearance as a disguise. Use this ability to blend into the crowd, creep closer to the bank and make away with the loot!

To counter this, guards have the ability to accuse anyone on the map whom they believe to be a robber. To do this, simply click on your suspect.

If the guard's accusation is correct, the robber will lose their disguise and most of their run energy. Then, the chase is on - guards have a brief opportunity to catch the revealed robber and handcuff them, which - if successful - will leave them incapacitated for a time.

If the accusation is false, though, the citizen won't be happy. Too many mistakes will get a guard thrown in jail by Internal Affairs to cool off for a while.

If a robber is handcuffed twice, they'll be locked up in jail. Unless they can escape within one minute, they'll be turned into a guard and set against their former cohorts for the rest of the game.

The game ends when one of the following conditions is met:

The robbers deposit twice as many bags of loot as there are members of their team (robbers win).
Note that if a robber logs out or otherwise leaves the game, the total loot required to win is not reduced.
Every robber is turned into a guard (guards win).
20 minutes pass (guards win).
Tricks of the Trade

Heist is simple to play, but it requires skill, cunning and a keen eye. The best robbers will be able to mimic citizens to fool the guards, while the most successful guards will be the ones who can spot suspicious behaviour a mile off.

Teamwork's also important. Sharing information and working with your teammates to accomplish your goals is a path to success. Robbers can also pickpocket guards for jail keys, which they can use to spring their teammates from jail, or to free themselves.

Each map is uniquely laid out, and much of the scenery can be used. Hide in hay carts (or give them a good poke!) and clamber up the side of buildings for amazing rooftop chases. Depending on the theme of the map, there may be special features, too.

The citizens will sometimes need assistance. If you see someone asking for help, you can fulfil their request for a reward - a bag of loot for a robber, or eyewitness information for a guard.

These are just the basics - every game of Heist is different, and the best way to learn it is to try it out. Gather some friends, pick a side and start devising your own strategies!


Playing Heist earns you reward points, which can be exchanged by right-clicking Sir Vyvin or Liara and selecting 'Rewards'. If you're on the winning side, you'll also earn win points, which can be turned in for extra reward points.

Most of the rewards on offer are helpful perks that'll improve your performance in Heist. Each of these is specific to one of the two sides.

For example, for playing as a guard, you can unlock the ability to deploy security sensors, or earn access to a Wanted board that shows you the current disguises of players on the robbers' team. Robbers' perks include the ability to throw smoke bombs, or to smuggle a shovel into jail to make your escape!

Reward points can also be spent on hearty helpings of bonus XP in Hunter or Thieving.


We hope you enjoy Heist as we do. It's already a huge hit here in the office and - most importantly - it creates great stories. Be sure to get on the forums and tell us all about your daring escapes, your eagle-eyed police work, and - of course - your most spectacular failures!

Have fun, and be sure to give us your feedback.

Mod Chris L and the RuneScape Team

How to start Heist:

Climb the airship ladder just north of Falador. Speak to Sir Vyvin or Liara for more information.


You must be a RuneScape member.

In Other News

Swing on over to Solomon's Store to pick up new circus-themed teleport animations.
Death Lotus darts have been improved:
They are now created 25 at a time.
The number of Ascension shards needed to create them is reduced to 25.
Their range of attack has increased to six squares.
Ava's devices can now pick up Death Lotus darts.
Free players now have access to the Daily Challenge system. They may have up to 2 Daily Challenges at a time.
The quartermaster who previously handed out rewards for the Daily Challenge system has been replaced by Challenge Mistress Fara, and the surrounding area has been updated.
Take a look at the patch notes for other updates released today.

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24 February 2014 Game Updates mod_william

Free players and member

Revolution has arrived, hot off the combat beta servers, along with an arsenal of other combat tweaks and improvements!

This new selectable combat mode - activated via the Combat Settings tab in the Powers interface - automates basic ability use while activating thresholds and ultimates manually, giving ease of use without compromising on tactical flexibility.

We've also improved Momentum, allowed you to queue abilities on cooldown, and made a bunch of other much-requested combat tweaks, all detailed below.

Read on for more information, or log in and give it a go!

Three Ways to Slay

Rather than periodically selecting an ability to change the way you fight (as you used to with Momentum) there are now three persistent, freely switchable combat modes from which to choose.

Bring up the Powers interface and select the new Combat Settings tab. On the left, you'll see a section entitled 'Select Combat Mode', containing the following three choices:

Full Manual: This is the standard combat mode that you'll already be used to. All abilities must be activated manually via the action bar or hotkeys. This mode is selected by default.
Revolution: When Revolution is selected, any basic abilities on your action bar in slots 1-9 will be automatically activated, in order of priority, as soon as they're off cooldown. Thresholds and ultimates must be activated manually. Note that any manual ability selection will take priority over the automated basics.
Momentum: No longer an activated ability, Momentum is now a persistent combat mode in its own right. Under Momentum, auto-attack damage is greatly increased. It still builds up adrenaline, and you can use ultimates without breaking the effect.
To complement this, we've also introduced ability queuing. This allows you to select an ability during cooldown which will be activated as soon as it's available, helping to make your manual ability use smoother and more efficient. This can be toggled on and off in the Combat Settings interface.

We've also given you the option to fill out your action bar with preset ability setups. Simply click the cog icon at the top-right of your action bar and it'll be filled with abilities suited to your currently equipped weapon type and combat style.

Finally, following your feedback, we've removed the cooldown applied when changing weapons, and switched the names of the Ancient spells back to their pre-EoC names.

Thanks for your Feedback!

Today's combat update is the result of your feedback and your help on the beta servers. Huge thanks to everyone who's taken part, and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

We've had to delay the release of the One of a Kind quest by two weeks, meaning that it won't be out this month as promised. Apologies for this - we know many of you are eager to play 2014's first quest. Take a look at this forum post by Mod Pips for more information, and look forward to a lore-filled March!
The handy new wicked pouch is available on Solomon's General Store now. See this news post for full details!
Take a look at the patch notes for other updates released today.

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