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Events: This Is How We Do It :D

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Events: This Is How We Do It :D

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:49 am

Event creators: no major regulations here. No scams, no pooling/raking GP. You can reward participants with your own GP/items or with Clan GP (more on that idea later). You can apply for your event to have value in CPs (Clan Points) as rewards, too. Rewards are not required for any events.

How to apply for CPs: post here with a proposal of the event (what/when/where/who (if possible). PM me in-game to let me know if I need to approve an event for CPs. An hour+ notice helps Then it becomes an official clan event. You can post a topic about the event for everyone to see/join, too (approved or not).

MAJOR UPDATE: currently, Kay 0 is our new event leader. He can organize events and he can co-ordinate with me and some of the higher ranks to set them up, create rewards and incentives for events, etc.

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